On a larger scale, Signal Bridge develops and directs
major emergency/crisis response training drills.

These customized, intense scenarios test your team, as members work through contingencies of a simulated crisis in real-time. Our seasoned professionals provide critical insight and guidance, supported by years of experience in crisis drills and simulations. As a result, your company will develop a more complete, comprehensive crisis action plan. Signal Bridge offers several levels of support to meet the needs of your organization, including:

Developing the customized crisis scenario or creating key injects for the crisis response

Assisting in the Joint Information Center (JIC)

Coordinating JIC operations with the Incident Command System and your company’s agency and regulatory partners

Providing on-site support to communications team members

Conducting on-camera and telephone media interviews with your team throughout drill

Creating video and media reports on-site depicting what the public sees during a crisis

Injecting realistic social media commentary, including sites like Facebook and Twitter