Signal Bridge has a well-established relationship with BP. We have conducted more than 250 media training programs over 20 years. We have trained employees and executives throughout the United States as well as Trinidad, Venezuela, Brazil, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, United Kingdom. In addition, our team developed and delivered remote crisis simulation exercises for drills in India, Azerbaijan, Germany, France, Viet Nam, and Abu Dhabi.

Bill Salvin was one of the first crisis consultants called in response to the Deep Water Horizon accident and Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Bill was on the front lines of the crisis, and served as a communications advisor for a top-level BP spokesperson though much of the response.

Most recently, Signal Bridge has taken an expanded role in developing and delivering emergency/crisis response training drills and simulations. In 2015, our team provided critical support to the BP Shipping team during its Prince Williams Sound Emergency Response Drill, required by the State of Alaska for certification every four years. The two-day response exercise included a worst-case crisis scenario to which the BP team along with responders from the Coast Guard and the State of Alaska would have to respond as if it were a true emergency. Signal Bridge developed hundreds of specific scenario injects that each section would have to implement and respond to at random times throughout the drill. Bill Salvin managed the Injects Team and directed the project. Our team worked directly with the Joint Information Center, comprised of communications staff from BP, the Coast Guard, and the State of Alaska. We provided an exercise news channel and website that included live interviews, telephone interviews, on-camera interviews, simulated Twitter and Facebook stories, media requests, and formal press conferences.